August Athlete of the Month – Kate Nurre

Age: 43

What is something people don’t know about you?I was Homecoming Queen at Drake University back in the 1900’s
How does CrossFit influence your life? CF has become something that we now do as a family. We do family workouts at home and keep a PR board in the basement for everyone, including our daughters
How long have you been doing CrossFit? How long at CFWDM? I’ve been participating in CF at CFWDM for 2 years.
What class do you usually attend? Noon
What is your favorite lift? Snatch
What is your favorite move? Handstand push-ups – I can’t actually do the push-up part yet, but am going to get there soon!
What is your favorite workout? Cindy 
Why did you start CrossFit? It makes my husband happy.
What keeps you coming back? CF really appeals to my competitive personality. I also like the social/community aspect – Shawn Z keeps me coming back to the noon class! Plus, I think Jess and Kris are fantastic coaches.
What did you do for fitness before CrossFit?
I went to the typical group fitness classes – I still go to the Y’s BodyJam, which is just as fun as CF.
What is your favorite song(s) to workout to?
Pit bull Playlist
What is your favorite healthy/meal snack?
Salads with fruit and nuts
What is the most difficult workout you’ve attempted?
I attempted Murph for the first time in 2018, and was surprised and pleased with my performance.
How has CrossFit WDM helped you keep on top of your health and wellness goals? I actually ENJOY CrossFit workouts, which makes all the difference in consistency. I travel a lot for work, and now come up with “travel WODs” based on the CFWDM workout so I won’t lose progress. That is not something I did before CrossFit.