Child Watch

Child Supervision at CrossFit… Really? YES really!

We have a private children’s room with plenty of space that we use during every class. But during our 9:30 a.m. CrossFit class we have an adult supervised area to assist with you Mom’s and Dad’s who need that hour to yourself! We love providing this for our community.

Competitors Program

Enhance your skill work, aerobic capacity, and strength with 5 extra workouts delivered to your mobile device each Sunday. This is programmed to make sure it does not overlap with our Base CrossFit program. This is meant for the competitors and advanced athletes, for everyone else, CrossFit is your answer!

Nutrition Guidance

We are happy to help you understand what a difference in your diet will make. We will explain whole foods, proper portions, how to read food labels, the difference between paleo and keto diet, and break down your macros on a personal level.

What are macro-nutrients? In sum, your Fats, Proteins, and Carbohydrates you intake on a daily basis. We provide a whole food chart of these and help you manage the difficult parts of taking on the disciplines of dieting.

Open Gym

Have your own program to follow and just need the equipment? Tough work schedule and can’t commit to the CrossFit classes? That’s okay. Come in and do what you have to on your time. Members receive a discount on Open Gym. Must schedule a Consultation to have access approved before beginning.