Our Desire is Your Personal Best

At CrossFit West Des Moines we are passionate about fitness and much more. When you walk through our doors, you’ll find community, friendship, support, and a place where you’re compelled to give everything you’ve got toward becoming your best. We encourage an environment of friendly competition and camaraderie and at the end of every workout, we are a Community, and Family. Each class is lead by a highly educated, experienced Coach who’s passionate about helping each individual reach their goals.

At CrossFit West Des Moines Our Desire is Your Personal Best.

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I moved to Des Moines a few years ago and had been looking for a real place to workout and meet new people, since I knew only family. I’ve also wanted to do CrossFit for years, but was nervous about hurting myself and the price to join. I threw caution to the wind and stopped in for an on ramp week session, and haven’t looked back. The price is incredibly affordable considering you get top notch coaches (essentially your own trainer) and the workouts are so fulfilling. Everyone is so nice, and as corny as it sounds like a big family. Pushing each other to better and get better all the time. All skills levels are in all classes, which sounds intimidating but it’s not. The workouts are as hard as you want to make them. If you push yourself, the coaching team will help you get the results you deserve. It’s been such a great experience meeting everyone and working out here.

Brian Paley, age 40